Veronica Dragovic

Summoner pursued by Oliver for Kobold genocide. Oliver also thinks she's in on a devil plot


Alignment: … (???)
Race: Human. Obviously.
Class: Do I need to spell this out for you? (Summoner)

Strength: No.
Dexterity: Stop asking.
Constitution: I’m not going to tell you.
Intelligence: This is just a waste of your time.
Wisdom: And mine. You do not want to waste mine.
Charisma: Ask one more stupid question. I dare you.


Hmph. Interview over. Ask the little troglodyte if you must.

(The following is a field report from her arch-nemesis, one Oliver Klossner.)

Well, for about a year now, I’ve had a lead on the name “Veronica Dragovic”. In my nightmares, she is always present with her lackey, Solomon, massacring my people with dark tentacles. It is something of a side effect of the genocide I witnessed three years ago that started me on this path. Of all the names I had, Veronica’s is the one that always turned up as a wanted person. No indication of whether it was a live or dead bounty, but after witnessing Veronica at the temple where the tiger was, she will have to be a dead bounty – she is capable of teleporting, making her a flight risk.

She is so much more fragile than Solomon that part of me is not surprised she’s so detached from direct fighting… and possibly the perception of any consequences. Unfortunately, Solomon is under HER command, so he and his actions are HER responsibility. Therefore, the bounty is on her and her alone.

….and what do you mean she called me a “troglodyte”? Those are stinky underground chameleons. Can’t she at least get my species right?

Veronica Dragovic

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