Touki (Red Dragon)

A terrifying red dragon that... well he didn't unleash the ypotryll, but the divination said he did


(The following is an account from one Oliver Klossner, who encountered the dragon in what would turn out to be its final moments.)

Imagine this – a dragon who does NOT, in fact, recognize proper rulership! Near as we could tell at the time (okay, really what we learned from divinations after), he set loose an ypotryll for his own mere amusement and sport. When we recovered from said ypotryll’s charge, which caused thousands of gold in damage to the town of Albemarle, and were about to set off riding Akrrah, the dragon appeared yelling that the skies belonged to him. And when I tried to placate him and asked what else he claimed as dominion? I still remember his exact words:


My people always thought red dragons were supposed to be bastions of order and civilization… the whole implicit contract thing. And yet, Touki here acted much more like a universal destroyer, which is what we kobolds think of BLUE dragons. Plus, Touki had just implied everything was his, which is patently false considering that even if my people would bow to him as a god, there are gods way above him. We fought Touki and his ultimate fate was to be shattered to bits when Akkrah froze and body-slammed him.

Raklen says he tastes horrible and his meat is tough, and Eran, who nearly got burnt to a crisp thanks to Touki’s breath, was gathering up his bits for spell components. Personally, I don’t know how I feel about being among godslayers. I do, however, want to capture this moment of hubris for all to see. So that pond that Reagan set up in Albemarle now has a stone monument that I’m working on carving.

Touki the Red. Tried to claim land and sky. Now land and sky claim him.

Touki (Red Dragon)

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