A squirrel eidolon who assists Raklen Starritt


((EDITOR’S NOTE: Ratatoskr’s Character Sheet – there’s also an old version))

Alignment: A man as great as Mr. Gnoll got my attention and yet I don’t know if he GETS IT. He needs summon pure of heart like me! (Neutral Good)
Special Talents: Check out this nose! I can catch any scent on the wind with this. Also, I’ve got decent eyes and a penchant for medicine – to the point where I can serve as a doctor even where divine magic is forbidden.

Strength: Ever seen a squirrel lift? Yeah, didn’t think so. (10)
Dexterity: Squirrels are always fast runners. The trees, the balance… (16)
Constitution: Eww! I don’t even LIKE punch! (11)
Intelligence: Think? Mr. Gnoll thinks all the time! I prefer action and stinct! (7)
Wisdom: My nose belongs in this business! Oh, you mean my ability to remember? Well, um… ask Mr. Gnoll. (10)
Charisma: Mr. Gnoll’s the personal one they all like. I can’t even get him to notice me! (11)


Oh man oh man this is gonna be grate!

So there’s this other world, right? One huge tree, bright fol… foli… bright leaves, lots of people in its branches, and we squirrels as divine messagers ‘tweenem. Whole purpose in life as the go between high and low people. We often getta peek at the written ones, so we’re a go-to for tree people news. Some notes are enough ta makus gnaw at the three in frustration.

But one day, I fell from this tree. Mebbe it was tha news of calminers being better’n dem nobles. I hit near tha bottom, where it was dark.. but no roots. Tha tree went even further down than this carpet’a soft needles! But ma attenshun was drawn to some’n else. Cursin’? I falla’d it and there was this… was it a dog or a cat? Anyways, really big guy, leg split and oozin’ some’n. I couldn’ jes’ leave ‘im, now could I? There was a coupla strings near this lump’a fur next to the guy, so’s I tried’ta put ‘is leg back in place an’ ty’it togedd’r. Loose branches is all I had for a fake leg, tho’. But I could see it… he got up! I’d been more’n a messager, I’d saved some’n! ‘Eard ’im mutterin’ as he left about “gnolls” and a “dark god”.

Wasn’t sure what that’n was about, so’s I started climb’n tha tree again. An’ climbin’… an’ climbin’… I soon found ma people ag’in, and afta seein’ a sweet rune on m’shoul’dr, they told me the “gnoll” had some sort of what dey called “summ’n’r sole”. Not sure what dey means, but I wanted’ta see tha gnoll ag’in. I’s was given bracelets and a necklace so’s he’d realize I was special… but da gnoll never paid me no mind again! I could see where ‘e went, and ’e was trying ta get help fer ’is quest agains’ the dark god.

Didn’t ‘e see? ’E needs ma talen’s against dis dark godda his! I wen’ down dere… and afta two yeers, it took a bird fer ’im to get it! Finally!


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