Eran Frampt

A fiery aasimar with a knack for machines, magic, and language. Catherine's husband.


((EDITOR’S NOTE: Eran’s Character Sheet))

(PLEASE NOTE: Since Eran has been too busy fixing his gyrocopter to give a proper interview, the following is a perspective from one of his travelling companions, one Oliver Klossner.)

Alignment: Well, with that kind of demeanor you’d be hard-pressed to see evil or chaos in a person like him. (Lawful Good)
Race: Yeah, I initially thought all aasimars were the same too. Turns out there are some more specific lineages… including the descendants of the fire angels known as peri.
Class: Apparently he mixes raw sorcery with intellectual wizardry? I dunno, let’s call him an arcanist.
Height: Not exactly a short one but I’m not one to talk. (5’9")
Weight: You know a lot of mages who bulk up? Yeah, me either. (145lb.)
Languages: If it’s not a secret language, this guy knows it. Seriously, how did he even get to know some of the vocal-only languages like the gnoll tongue? Do they really have books on the subject? I think he’s even trying to figure out the Strix language, difficult as it is, just by listening to Praxi.
Equipment: Well, there’s the gyrocopter, smoking mess as it is, there’s his books, and there’s his staff. Dunno why he needs the gyrocopter – aren’t powerful mages supposed to be able to fly of their own accord?

Strength: Well, I don’t know a lot of mages who have much in the way of raw muscle. Who judges mages on muscle, anyway? (11)
Dexterity: You’d be surprised how many mages are agile… mainly because those who can’t dodge the fireball don’t live to throw one. (16)
Constitution: He survived direct contact with dragon breath. That’s not exactly an easy feat. (14)
Intelligence: The Frampts are pretty much the only ones in this party who can consistently beat me in intellect and Eran’s no different. (25)
Wisdom: Well, he seems to have it more together in terms of common sense than his wife… (14)
Charisma: Of course someone descended from angels is going to have persuasive ability. (18)

(From Eran’s perspective: )
Alignment: Morally? I tend towards order and good (LG). Socially, I’m an analytical ambivert (ENTJ-A).
Race: Aasimar. My mother was a Peri.
Class: I don’t have a better word to describe this, but you could call me an arcanist. I have the natural abilities of a sorcerer tempered by the study of a wizard.
Height: About average height (5’9")
Weight: a little bit underweight (145 lbs)
Languages: As far as I’m aware, all of them. If I don’t know it, it’s probably because it’s a secret. (everything on the linguistics page except vegepygmy and protean)
Equipment: Standard explorer’s clothes, a staff and a knife, a backpack, my spellbooks, my spell components, a few other books and the materials to write in them, a couple of mechanical experiments, and a length of rope. I’ve also built a gyrocopter because I’m not too fond of wasting spells on flying daily.

Strength: Average. (11)
Dexterity: Working with all the little pieces of machines is a great way to get pretty dextrous. (16)
Constitution: I’m pretty healthy and can take a hit or two. But not much more than that. (14)
Intelligence: I’m not exaggerating when I say that I could probably outsmart all but the very oldest of the smartest sorts of dragon. (25)
Wisdom: Adventuring forces you to develop a sense for when things are off. (14)
Charisma: I like to think I’m pretty likable. (18)


(from the perspective of Oliver)

Honestly, I will concede I didn’t trust the guy at first. I mean, who would trust a person who just shows up, in this really loud buzzing vehicle, claiming to be the husband of one of your longest-time travelling companions? The wife didn’t exactly fill him in on all the details, but certainly enough to get me to stay off his case. Still, something didn’t seem right.

My doubts were pretty much dropped after we dealt with Touki… which was apparently the SECOND dragon he’d faced. The first? A crystal dragon who was responsible for Chethrou’s death and who had defeated our party – including the wife – the first time. That was when I realized he was for real.

Y… you know what, if he wants to say more, I’ll let him. Hey, Eran! Put down that wrench! Someone wants an interview.
(interview with Eran)

I grew up fairly well off, being a member of the noble family Frampt and all. Ours is a family known best for producing skilled wizards and sorcerers, and I’m no exception. In school, I kind of coasted in my studies on geography, history, the nearby area, engineering and botany. I did a little bit better in learning about nobles and the planes, and I was top of my class when it came to maths, the sciences, language studies, and the gods. I was pretty close to the top of my arcane studies courses, but Dan was always just a little bit better.

Man, I haven’t even thought about Dan in a while. Last thing I remember, he was working over in Mjödfylke, helping train new adventurers or something.

I apologize for the tangent. I was talking about my arcane courses, right?

Yes? Okay, good. Now, the main reason that I wasn’t the absolute best in my arcane courses is because spellbooks didn’t make a ton of sense to me until maybe five or six years ago. I usually just memorized the main spells we needed to know and held my journal in the other hand to make it seem like I knew how to use a spellbook. They never gave our spellbooks more than a cursory glance, and I was writing in a polyglot of Common, Celestial, Draconic, Elven, Infernal, and Ignan, so they just assumed it was an insanely complicated cypher to prevent other mages from reading my notes. It was, but that’s beside the point.

Hm? No, the codebreaker part came later. That was during the war, which is still a couple years off. Before that, I spent some time adventuring.

Oh, didn’t I mention? I’ve been adventuring since I was 21. No, not constantly, but often. Anyway, this first group I was adventuring with was pretty small; there was a novice fighter named James and a cleric of Aleria named Mary. We mostly helped out in small ways: helping out on farms, clearing out people’s cellars, that sort of thing. Anyway, we did that off and on for a little while before an army recruiter caught wind of the way that we’d taken care of the ghouls that’d been ravaging Norwessex and asked us to help out. Mary declined, but James and I thought it sounded great. James fought on the front lines while I bounced between Mechanical R&D, Arcane R&D, a top secret division that I can’t say any more about, the codebreaking division, and a couple of tactical advisor positions.

Kind of unrelated, but I think Mary and James ended up getting together after the war and, last I checked, they run a little church in the town of Eredluingobel in the Blue Mountains. But I digress.

Anyway, James got promoted to sergeant around the time I was working in the codebreaking division, and his squad was made up of mostly fresh recruits. From what he told me, one of them would keep bitching about how she could take all of those dirty fucking expletives I can’t repeat if she just learned some magic. “The sorts of magic that let you see into the future and kill the shit out of ’em!”, in her words. In combat, she wasn’t exactly the best at fighting, and she would become known for her recklessness, sorry, ‘bravery’, but she was clever and always managed to make it out alive.

Now, she kept this up for a while, but eventually she wasn’t the only one in James’s platoon drunkenly blustering about being able to fight better with magic. Because he knew me, he figured he’d make them put up or shut up and bring me on to teach them magic. To do that, he pulled some strings to bring me in as a tactical advisor for his company. I did that too, but my main job was teaching them magic. Once I started teaching, a lot of them backed down pretty quickly, learning little to nothing, maybe a cantrip or two at best. However, two of them managed to stick it out and live long enough to prove they weren’t lying. One of them was a half-elf named Kyras, Kyr for short. I’d go on to work with him more in that top-secret division I mentioned earlier, but I can’t say any more than that. The other, as you’ve probably already guessed, was Catherine. At the time, though, her last name was Somthngorothr, not Frampt.

Now, Catherine was originally just in it for the magic, but we hit things off near-immediately. We would argue tactics and strategy all day, and she’d always play devil’s advocate and come up with some perspective I hadn’t thought of, generally stemming from her experience in the field. She was clever and smart and honest and never took any criticism personally and it was wonderful. Yes, really! Do you know how rare it is for anyone to say how a superior is wrong in the army? It’s nice to hear.

Anyway, after the war, Catherine mentioned that the Somthngorothrs were actually elvish nobility. This seemed a bit weird, but she explained that the Somthngorothrs had a tendency to confuse races, and so often married humans, thinking them to be elves. This led to both of her parents being half-elves, and she came out human. This was doubly weird to me, since by all accounts she was a tiefling, and had always been one.

[Interview concluded for now, to be continued later]

Eran Frampt

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