Chethrou VII

A... substantial noble by efficiency


(PLEASE NOTE: Due to Chethrou’s passing in Silverton, the following is a perspective from one of his old travelling companions, one Oliver Klossner.)

Alignment: There’s a difference between being disgusting and acting disgusting. Despite the noble stench, the guy had a good heart. (Lawful Good)
Race: Just a human from what I can remember of him.
Class: Y’know, it’s hard to remember, but he certainly tried to act like a Paladin… aggressively like a Paladin.
Height: He had at least some height. Not enough for his weight but I remember it being there. (Unknown)
Weight: Please don’t remind me. The guy was big – I wound up sleeping in his bulk once. (Unknown)
Languages: Other than Common, I tragically don’t remember.
Equipment: Crossbow and shield is the extent of what I remember from this guy.

Strength: He could NOT handle his weight well – carried so much on his hips that he couldn’t take any more. (6)
Dexterity: Still managed to be a little bit nimble despite his size. It boggles the mind. (12)
Constitution: The bulk was good for some measure of defense, at least. (13)
Intelligence: I’m ashamed to admit it, but the guy had more raw intellect than me at the time of his unfortunate demise. (17)
Wisdom: If only greed had not done him in. He wasn’t exactly clueless. (13)
Charisma: This was the guy who taught me to handle animals, and managed to tame a dire boar. No more needs to be said. (20)


(still from the perspective of Oliver)

Poor guy. Ran across him in Brighton and he was absolutely terrified of the gnome we worked with at the time. Ran off, managed to get an entire town named after him because he tamed a dire boar that was threatening the town. He helped us take down a vampire in Silverton, tried to relocate a bunch of goblins… who would ultimately see through his ruse and try to kill him.

Then… then there was the ill-fated mine trip. We were accosted, and he, Catherine, and I surrendered while our newly-befriended sylph fled. When we broke out of our prison, instead of running away, he… he went after the crystals. Led us right to a dragon.

The fool – he tried to be like a dragon and wound up falling to one. Please, stop the interview – I can’t take it anymore! His passing and the subsequent escape marked our greatest defeat as a team!

Chethrou VII

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