153 of the Bojrock Empire, Diplomat

The hobgoblin who built a city and became its god


(PLEASE NOTE: Since 153 himself was unavailable for an interview due to administrative work, the following is a perspective from one of his travelling companions, one Oliver Klossner.)

Alignment: The guy exerts a ridiculous amount of discipline and usually insists on opening up by telling people about Bojrock. But why is he taking such an upbeat discipline? (Lawful Good, to my surprise)
Race: Honestly, I thought Hobgoblins were more militaristic than this guy is. He’s certainly not a slouch, though.
Class: When he first came up, he kind of didn’t understand anything about wealth, almost as much as Monks reject it. I think he’s been taking a few cues from us, however, because he’s picked up a few Investigator tricks as of late.
Height: He doesn’t exactly tower over everyone he meets, but he’s not short. (Unknown)
Weight: From what I can tell, almost all of him is actually lean muscle. (Unknown)
Languages: Not much for one, from what I understood. Common, Goblin, and… I think I heard him uttering a few words in Celestial recently.
Equipment: He pretty much only needs his fists. He’s got an impressive rock collection though.

Strength: He can put power to his fists, but he’s not our strongest physically. Doesn’t need to be, though. (13)
Dexterity: Have you SEEN this guy move across the battlefield? It’s almost like those martial artists you read about in fantasy stories! (20)
Constitution: As tough as they come. It helps him last through the other kind of diplomacy. Why he still refuses to drink alcohol when he’s that hardy, I have no clue. (18)
Intelligence: We seem to have a track record of bringing in members of allegedly monstrous races who are NOT, in fact, the idiots that humans think they are. (12)
Wisdom: Again, he’s not an idiot – he’s able to see through fallacies long enough to dismantle them, whether by words or fists. (15)
Charisma: Not only could the guy tell you about Bojrock all day, you’ll want to rule the place when he finally finishes talking. (18)


(still from the perspective of Oliver)

You know, I think I’ll leave it up to him to tell you about Bojrock. Especially since we’ve met Emperors Five through Eight of that place, and this guy was the sixth.

He arranged for New Bojrock to be built right under the rest of our noses, though, disguising it by making it sound to us like he was ripped off massively. (Well, okay, that’s our interpretation – I think what he actually said was he bought an ad for Bojrock and then bought a bigger one.) That has to be worth something, right?

And then he became New Bojrock’s god. So I guess I may be forced to discuss Bojrock in his place… something I am not ready to do.

153 of the Bojrock Empire, Diplomat

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