Anastasia Moriarty

The.... 8th Empress of Bojrock? What? How??


The leader of the Gin Seng guild branch in the city of Albemarle. Not the leader of the full guild, but seems pretty well put together and composed mostly.

Also seems very highly competitive despite trying very hard to put on airs of not caring too much about that sort of thing. Tries to be modest but fails kind of badly at it often. Claims to not be willing to let the party join the guild if all they can do is combat related activities, even after getting embarrassed during the Festival of the Hunt. Given recent events, however who knows how true that is any more?

…Or even if it matters, honestly? Let’s be real, they’re functionally members in all but name even if no one really thinks about it or wants to admit it.

Also she’s the 8th Empress of Bojrock. Somehow. For some reason. What.

Anastasia Moriarty

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