Tengu summoner, lover of the sea, swords and kites.


(EDITOR’S NOTE: Xanthus’s Character Sheet))

(Read in Xanthus’ voice)

Alignment: Honor and pride drives my clan. At least, it used to. I’m trying to bring that back to us. (NG)
Class: I find strength and security comes when you fight alongside those you know. That’s why I have my best friend to fight with me so that we can protect those we care for. (Summoner 11, Guardian 2)
Height/Weight: Caw, well, I don’t really keep track of that sort of thing. (4’5/80 lbs)
Languages: Ahh, well, of course I can speak my native tongue. I can also speak a multitude of other languages. Tengu are naturally gifted in that regard!
Current Equipment: What an odd question. Well, I suppose I can oblige. I wear a chain shirt under my normal shirt. I always carry a signal kite kit, and my wing oil, just in case. I crafted my own terror kite, and I must say it looks quite beautiful! I also picked up some very nice swords in my travels, including a tri-point double-edged sword, and a wickedly sharp katana. I also picked up a very unique seven-branched sword from a vampire in SIlverton. His name is Mao, you should meet him sometime!

I once carried my friend Reagan all the way from Marigold to the nearby lake! Hardly broke a sweat! flexes (22)
Dexterity: I’m not the fastest, but I could definitely run a good race. (14)
Constitution: Rolling with the punches is something I’ve learned to do. I can take a lot of punishment, but if it means protecting my friends from harm, it’s worth it. (20)
Intelligence: I did okay in my studies, though I may have, erm… Been a bit lax with my attendance… (12)
Wisdom: I know they say us Tengu are of the wiser sort, but I was more interested in the art of kite making. My training didn’t come until later in life. (12)
Charisma: I generally don’t try to draw too much attention to myself. That being said, I like to think I would make a pretty good leader if I tried. Mao says I need to work on my conviction before I can do that, though. (17)


The tribe of Tengu that formerly lived in the Jozusu Mountains found themselves living in a poor, small town named Xin’Shara. Xin’Shara was located southwest of Emmorset; a large, bustling port city. The tribe migrated from the east and settled in Xin’Shara after a difficult event in their past that forced them to abandon their pride and leave the eastern continent altogether. Broken, and with little left to claim to their names, they finally gave up when they found their current city. Originally it was home to other races which welcomed the Tengu to live with them, but they were soon driven away, leaving only the bitter and stubborn birds to fend for themselves.
Xanthus was born on October 13th to Isi, a Tengu woman who had a husband named Vir. Through his youth he didn’t have much interest in swords, preferring the craft of kite making and enjoying kite battles as his sport. When he grew older, his charismatic nature showed. Though the citizens of Emmorset were generally against their Tengu neighbors in Xin’Shara, Xanthus had a certain effect on them that made them more willing to accept him into their city. The tribe used this to their advantage and Xanthus started to trade with Emmorset, helping establish relations and provide for Xin’Shara.
One woman in particular was very kind and welcoming to Xanthus, and always traded with him. Her name was Anathoa, and she was a lonely old lady who ran a stall at the main market. They became great friends and he even started to work for her stall occasionally when she needed some help.
One day, after a relatively good harvest, Xanthus went to trade with the old woman, but saw her stall was ransacked and she was missing. After acquiring information from the locals that had come to know him from his frequent trips to her shop, he learned that she had been stolen from by a desperate group of kobolds. He went to search for her, as he knew that she was stubborn enough to chase the kobolds back to their lair. When he came to find her, however, she had been killed by the kobolds, her old and frail body never a match for their wild desperation.
Though Xanthus was enraged, he did not have the skill or the means to combat these kobolds, and so he sought a mentor in order to grow stronger and get his revenge. He was taught the ways of swordsmanship that were common to Tengu from his father Vir. He later met a traveling summoner, Engollfield, who was passing through the port city. Xanthus pleaded to become his apprentice, but was denied and called foolish in his search of power and revenge, and told that only evil could come from his actions if he continued down this path.
Xanthus was intelligent enough to understand the man’s intentions to protect him from himself, and decided to follow him after saying farewell to his tribe. He swore that he would travel and learn from a better man than he, so that he could become as virtuous as Anathoa was to him when he was in need.
After catching up with the summoner, Xanthus gave one final plea. Instead of fighting for revenge or hatred, he wanted to fight for honor – that same honor that his tribe had abandoned. He wanted to fight to take back the home that was wrongfully taken from his tribe, his family, before he was even born. As a Tengu, he should be able to use the name of his mountain as his surname in order to differentiate himself, but Xanthus had no mountain, and thus, no surname. Such a dishonor must be remedied, and Xanthus was willing to work as hard as he could in order to make that happen.
He won over Engollfield with his proud spirit and trained under him. He learned how to call an eidolon, Akrrah, and trained strictly under his firm new mentor, growing slowly but steadily more intelligent and skillful with Akrrah and his swords by his side. Though the serpentine eidolon was generally more violent than Xanthus, he had a brilliant fighting spirit and was very quick and lethal.
After some training and traveling with Engollfield, Xanthus was ready to embark on his quest. His master let him go, assuring him that he would grow much faster if he travelled on his own, and so Xanthus went south in order to reach the Learmonth Archipelago and board a ship to make it back to the eastern continent. He never stopped back at Xin’Shara to say goodbye, sure that his parents would disapprove of his quest. Sure of his own success, he began to paint his feathers in the traditional way to indicate those who live on the Jozusu Mountains.
He didn’t have much money but the same captain who agreed to let his parents sail, Captain Timberfoot, was willing to let him sail in exchange for service on his ship. After a long voyage, Xanthus got to Teppelin and immediately made for Trixten, where he met some very unique individuals…


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