Reagan Faye deCloet

The New Pope of Helreginn(?)


((EDITOR’S NOTE: Reagan’s Character Sheet))

Alignment: My selfless Helreginn’s unseen hand guides the world and my ways. Worry not for she is benevolent. (Lawful Good)
Race: I know not of my people, though the priests did call for "my Merfolk blood’. I think they were wanting of my blessed soul. (Merfolk)
Class: My hope for the future is a united force for peace and equality comprised of the most earnest and righteous of us all. I believe I am the holy light to illuminate this new world. (Priest 8, Tattooed Mystic 2)
Height/Weight: My exact measurements are 34.5 cm, 26 cm, and 35.5 cm. I am told I am abnormally short for a Merwoman at 4 ft, 5 cm and also quite light at 115 lbs. I take all of this as a sign that I am blessed by the Great Martyr. (4’5/115 lbs)
Languages: I speak the languages that were necessary for my tutelage. My synagogue was sat atop a weakened entrance to Avernus and thus the language of Devils and escaped Infernal outsiders was required learning. In addition, the Gnoll clan we relied on for disposal of impure corpses were eager to teach me their wondrous animal tongue. I’ve also tried very hard to construct my very own sacred tongue(Azlanti), and it’s coming along quite well.
Proficiencies: I believe the term to describe my ability would be ‘De-escalation’. I wince at violent conflict not directed at abyss-walkers or hellcomers and do everything in my power to stop needless conflict. I have exquisite resonance with my selfless Helreginn and bless the world with her prayers. Though it is frowned upon, I add life to furniture to create new friends; Dolvo is a special case, however. I also provided magical gear for warriors and adventurers alike to keep my church afloat in harsh economic times.
Current Equipment: I set out only with my papal robes, holy symbol, and the Lucanus Retorta. Dolvo carries the body of my dead mentor in the hopes of true resurrection by my own hand. Pilgrims of the past set out with far less in hand, so I consider myself lucky.

Strength: Cloth is surprisingly taxing to work with, as is furniture. Thus I have a minor degree of muscle (13)
Dexterity: My hobby of inking the flesh necessitates precision. My hobbies may absorb an unhealthy amount of my time (13)
Constitution: I have adapted to harsh conditions, like lack of food for a day or so. Or pricking myself with a needle. (12)
Intelligence: I’m unsure what you believe ‘intelligence’ is but I can assure you my critical thinking skills are adequate. I can also read at a record-pace according to my clergymen. They might have been overly-courteous though. (15)
Wisdom: My spirit is impenetrable and my memory is flawless. I could stand before the very gates of Stygia and resist it’s wiles with ease. As previously stated, my selfless Helreginn lives mightily within me. (20)
Charisma: I am beloved by my clergymen, despite the hardships that led me to my pilgrimage, and others guide me when I am lost. Physically lost, for I am never spiritually lost with my selfless Helreginn in heart. I calm the hearts of the world with my presence, and please tell them to quit pining for me. I do not take suitors, my apologies. (20)


Reagan Faye deCloet

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