98 of the Bojrock Empire

The former 7th Emperor of Bojrock


(PLEASE NOTE: Due to 98’s passing, the following is a perspective from someone who ran into him, one Oliver Klossner.)

Alignment: This, I have no clue on. (Unknown)
Race: Like 153, he was a Hobgoblin.
Class: Honestly? Not sure. He kind of punched like 153 does, so Monk maybe?

Strength: Raw rock-splitting power. (19)
Dexterity: What is with these hobgoblins and their agility? (20)
Constitution: Certainly could take a punch or two. (15)
Intelligence: A little closer to what the humans expected, I wager. (9)
Wisdom: He managed to get a white spike in him. Doesn’t help his case. (8)
Charisma: I can kinda see a little why they stayed away from the humans… (6)


(still from the perspective of Oliver)

Fought 153 under some form of influence, led us to a dragon, and was left in charge as the 7th Emperor of Bojrock. I hardly got to speak to the guy between our meeting and his murder at the hands of a necromancer.

As far as I can tell, he went down fighting at least – that gave us the one chance to locate his murderer and end him.

Really, 153 is the one to ask on this subject.

98 of the Bojrock Empire

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