Marie Fontaine

Sovereign Ruler of Marigold en route to Emmorset, gifted us a parasol hiding a spike


Alignment: Does it matter? Really? Your life is short, so enjoy it. My life is eternal but I enjoy every day. (Chaotic Neutral…?)
Race: Boring question. Just use your eyes. Aasimar, if that’s oh-so-difficult.
Class: High, middle or low? Naturally, highest by birth. (?)
Height: Four eight. ……..I’m still growing though.
Weight: Irrelevant.
Languages: More than I can list here. (Common, Celestial, ?)

Strength: Irrelevant. (?)
Dexterity: More relevant. Sufficient. (?)
Constitution: Planning to poison me? Won’t work. (?)
Intelligence: Smarter than whoever wrote these questions. (?)
Wisdom: A natural born leader. In more ways than one. (?)
Charisma: The epitome of natural beauty and more than capable of motivating entire contine- why are you laughing at me? Is it the eyes? It’s the eyes, isn’t it? STOP LAUGHING. (?)


I’m not telling you my life’s story. I will tell you a fun story, about what happened on our way to Emmorset. We were passing by this boring old forest, and I got oh-so-tired of my lack of company so I decided to play with Lelouch for a while. Alas, Landegre had decided to take a while to return from wherever he went. Shock when my driver and general bumbler fell to a simple question asked in my native tongue! We were besieged by bandits! I took the opportunity to present myself to them, give them a chance to surrender and then strike them down when they refused. Imagine my surprise when they were a strange group of girls; a tiefling trying to hide that fact… badly, a kitsune besmirching my home’s language and a quiet and demure tengu with a very large, many bladed sword that i quickly determined would be the most dangerous in this battle and my first target. …What do you mean the tengu was a man? This is my story, and I will not have you muddying the issue. Regardless of tengu-sexing capabilities, I was prepared for this battle and so I put my guard up immediately and kept Lelouch at a safe distance. Then that bitch kitsune discovered his hiding place and it took all my control to not kill her immediately. Using my ever-so-quick decisive decision making skills, I smoothed over the issue and ignored her scandalous accusations of keeping my friend as some kind of horrific slave. In order to make amends, I gave the tiefling woman a present, learned of Landegre’s oh-so-wonderful new nickname of “Bugman” and took off towards the nearest port. Which was not very near at all, and Bugman managed to somehow wander off again and still hasn’t come back. If you see him, tell him he’s fired okay? Okay, good. Story’s over. Bye!

Marie Fontaine

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