Keidraan Vaulkner

The sylph no one has faith in


Alignment: Hey, my loyalties are with those who I trust or are in need of assistance. I don’t hang with such a bad crowd anymore…Though if there’s a reward involved… (Chaotic Good)
Race: I, like my mother, am a Sylph. I don’t really try to hide it nowadays. You try stifling glowing tribal tattoos or a violent gust when your ticked off!
Class: I’m a good Rogue, I swear! I mean… My childhood friends always seemed to be better at pilfering things… but I’m just as good if not better! I’m amazing at sneaking around! Just let me prove it!
Height: 5’10
Weight: 150lbs. Just because air is my element doesn’t mean I’m MADE of it, jeez.
Languages: I speak common, as well most elemental Languages. (Auran, Terran, Aquan, Ignan)
Equipment: I carry things of value. I keep my weapons close and my money closer.


Strength: [Pats at biceps] I mean, I lift a fair share. How else do you think I’m able to manage carrying all of my rewards? (15)

Dexterity: What? Are you kidding? I’m as nimble as the air itself! My movements are so swift, you’d think someone just left a window open before noticing your entire savings have vanished. I transgress most tasks with Finesse! (20)

Constitution: I try not to get hit too much, but I can handle more than most give me credit for. I’m not as frail as many of my kind tend to be! (14)

Intelligence: Unlike my friends back home, I was actually fairly studious. You cant survive with brute strength alone! This world was meant to be explored and understood! (15)

Wisdom: I hear a lot about “A wise man once said” kind of junk, but come on. It’s all about action! Who needs an elaborate strategy when you’ve got raw talent! Wait… Where’d my money pouch go?! (7)

Charisma: Let’s be honest… The ladies love me. The guys, want to hang around me. I’m a pretty approachable man I’d say! No one has EVER said I talk a bit too much. That’s ridiculous. (13)


The city of Arcadia, once a thriving diverse town, now under prejudice with residents turned against one another. There came a tide changing incident involving a tribe of [manipulated?] Sylphs Forcing Natural disasters to ravage the City (did they have a purpose or target?). Many blamed it on unstable Sylph power and emotion. Countless innocents perished, rumors spread about how destructive and deceptive elementals are as they hide among the general populace, which generated unease. People grew distrustful of any element manipulating humanoids, driving a lot of the diverse populace to the outskirts. Beings with Tattoos, Tribal markings and Elemental auras were essentially forbidden from entering.

His Sylvan Mother, Deedra, was kind to all and ran a simple inn within the city even before the incident. She very often let any weary travelers stay who couldn’t pay for residence (why the family didn’t have much money). She wishes for Keidraan to do good deeds, make an honest living, etc. despite his troublesome nature.
She hid her Sylvan nature well when it mattered, so she never had issues with being discovered.

Kei’s Human Father Cyrus loves jokes was former mercenary but retired to more honest life. He is where a bit of Kei’s combat training came from. He’s very loud and outspoken in things he didn’t agree with, especially such discrimination of which their family now experiences.

Young Keidraan is an only child; haughty, mischievous, occasionally gets into trouble putting on airs to be tough like his father. Often mocked for lack of skill, overtime he learned from his friends how to steal and deceive others. (petty thefts, pranks), though he didn’t always agree with their targets…
Names: (Elin, Nuwiid, Vaaleha [M,M,F])

Deedra became mysteriously ill and needed expensive medicine and treatment, but family was too poor; no one in their section of the village was willing or even able to assist, despite her past kindness, upon discovering her true race on her sick bed.

Keidraan’s contempt for having little money grew. His friends’ ideas influenced him to steal tons of money and artifacts from Arcadia treasury. Though supremely successful, his friends didn’t hesitate to take everything from him and turn him in for the bounty on his head, leaving town shortly after. He was promptly arrested but easily broke himself out.

Keidraan silently visited his family but Mother passed while he was detained. Distraught, Keidraan left home intending to strike it rich on his own despite his fathers wishes. He still wants revenge on those that betrayed him, but pushes those thoughts away to suppress his temper. He tries to maintain compassion for other victimized or impoverished people in remembrance of his mother.
(But remembers there is no honor among thieves!!)

Keidraan Vaulkner

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