Ushio's best friend and a swordspirit who apparently was a good writer in his day?




Ahem, no thank you. That will not be necessary here; it appears that we have the freedom to speak freely. My, this is new.

Allow me to tell you a little bit about me. I am the former Royal Adviser of my lord, King Hazar Afsan. This would have been several centuries ago and in a land that I have heard has long been lost to the ravages of time. You may know the locale under its more modern name of Sasania. Regardless, as a famed master of the earth and sand my mystical powers and general knowledge are… or perhaps it would be more accurate to say were… unrivaled. My control over the land has been surpassed by the most unlikely person I could have imagined, and my general knowledge is relegated mostly to a set time in the past.

I consider it my new sworn duty to tutor Mr. Fujibayashi Ushio. Having seen most of his life, there is little about him I do not know. Sadly, this does includes aspects that I wish I did not. Like his abysmal penmanship. It is a disgrace, useless for most things, and all I can do is instruct verbally. Thankfully, a more hands-on teacher is sometimes available now.

What more is there to say? I do not have any tales of impressive heroics or daring deeds of my own to speak of. If you wish to know about Ushio’s, then I recommend asking him directly. I am sure he would love to regale you wish one or two. Hundred. Alas, my life was relatively mundane and simple though I did have the fortune to live to a ripe old age of 31. Very few of my peers can claim that.


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