Chethrou VIII

A dire boar tamed by Chethrou VII


(PLEASE NOTE: Due to Chethrou’s passing in Silverton and the boar’s general nonpresence and inability to talk, the following is a perspective from one of their allies, one Oliver Klossner.)

Alignment: I’m not sure what I’m supposed to answer here – the thing’s an animal. Though the summon makes me wonder…. (some form of Good)

Strength: The thing could rip apart just about anyone. (20)
Dexterity: You’d be surprised at the moves most animals can make. (12)
Constitution: Pretty much survived by bulk and not raw fortitude. (10)
Intelligence: You’re asking this of an animal? (2)
Wisdom: Kind of wonder if he could have sniffed out expensive mushrooms with that nose of his. Too bad we won’t be able to find out. (13)
Charisma: Again, not sure what to expect of an animal here. (8)


(still from the perspective of Oliver)

The dire boar that Chethrou tamed? Well, he remained very difficult for us to control, and we tragically wound up ditching him after the paladin’s passing.

Imagine my shock, then, that when fighting a necromancer, our newly-hired tracker summoned him. Together we ripped the necromancer and his demon body to pieces.

sniff One of the few animals I’d shed a tear for, knowing he’s in a better place now.

Chethrou VIII

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