Amorik Skyran

The gnoll guiding the Starritt, Moonshoal, Sunfang, and Skyran packs in Raklen's absence


Alignment: Hey hey hey, that’s not just something you ask someone up front! I’m not evil or else Raklen would have called me out on it, but the rest is for me to know and for you to wait a few meetings to find out. (Unknown)
Race: Gnolls can endure and generally outlast most humanoids, trust me.
Class: Well, I’m some measure of spiritual leader, but to say a gnoll has class is… kind of a strange way of putting it, don’t you think? (Unknown)
Languages: Much like Raklen, I know our Gnoll tongue and the Abyssal and Infernal languages. I also know Common and Celestial… I have the basics covered.

Strength: As a gnoll, I’d sure hope I have strength… the wilds are not forgiving of the weak. (Unknown)
Dexterity: Well I’m certainly more nimble than Raklen, but competing against a cripple doesn’t mean much. (Unknown)
Constitution: I could compete with most humanoids, but I’m not afraid to admit I couldn’t outlast Raklen. (Unknown)
Intelligence: I’m the one who told Raklen to actually walk amidst the humans in the first place. Even I can tell those guys do know a few things, even if the natural world isn’t one of them. (Unknown)
Wisdom: As a spiritual leader, I’d have to display some significant insight or else I couldn’t perform my duties. (Unknown)
Charisma: I can hold the pack together, but I’m not some natural magnet to spirits like Raklen is. I have to actually ask. (Unknown)


So before I begin, I need to get something out of the way – the notion of a gnoll training for anything. I know it sounds utterly ridiculous to you folks, but it’s true – we can be taught! And in the case of the Skyran, Sunfang, Moonshoal, and Starritt packs, we’ve been training holy warriors for generations! Mind you, this is just to save our own hides – Bogdan’s folly many years ago led us to be chased by a vicious hunter… a hunter that can just snap us up, and outright melted Bogdan’s leg for his mistake. Those trained as holy warriors are expected to fight this beast and none have survived their ordeal… yet if we don’t train, the beast would snap up whole packs instead.

So imagine my surprise when I hear that someone from the Starritt survived an encounter with a beast that melted their leg. When another spent his last moments relaying that they saw the beast and it was actually harmed, they named that survivor a holy warrior on the spot! I had to see for myself, so I went to him. The survivor turned out to be a fresh adult named Raklen. He immediately wanted our packs to go into a long exodus to the human cities, hoping to find more allies to take down the beast… and while I admire his foresight, the man lacked the raw training necessary of a holy warrior. I went along with the exodus, using the time to teach him as much as I could… though he kept saying he was haunted by an evil spirit.

Eventually, we reached human lands… and he still kept feeling the presence of that spirit. Putting the pieces together and hearing some rumors of a giant squirrel, I decided he needed to take some action, walk amidst the humans to find someone who could either quell the spirit or help him develop an understanding. Apparently, he found that answer… and discovered the identity of our ancient enemy: Xibalba. It’s a start, but not enough.

As for the rest of his allies… I’ve yet to see the cowardly priest, the miniature dragon, or the one that helped calm the evil spirit. I am pleased that he found someone of celestial lineage, and as for their loudmouth huntress… she must be more cautious.

I anxiously await any more information about Xibalba, that we may march against him and take him down once and for all! But not before. I will not miss a once-in-history chance because of some petty side issue!

Amorik Skyran

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