Xanthus' serpentine summon


((EDITOR’S NOTE: Akkrah’s Character Sheet.))

Alignment: I’m here to provide safety to those who need it. Xanthus brought me to this world because he was worried he couldn’t do this alone. (NG)

Strength: I’m still getting used to my larger form. I used to rely on my reflexes, but now I think my strength is my biggest asset. (24)
Dexterity: It’s a bit harder to maneuver myself, but I’ve still got the hang of things. (18)
Constitution: I’m built to protect others, so I have to be able to take a hit myself. (18)
Intelligence: There are others of us more suited to those things. (8)
Wisdom: As I said, this is not what my purpose is for. (10)
Charisma: I’m pretty intimidating at this size, though I think it just makes me look cooler. (11)



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