The Long and Winding Road

Day 02: Bina's Nighttime Escapades

Sessions 04 and start of 05

Oliver learned that one of the people he hunted, Veronica Dragovic, had fled North. He left the guard post as Bina walked in. She asked about the ogre’s spike and convinced the guard that she could safely take the spike and hide it. She was picking the spike up and stabbing it in her shoulder and attacking the guard. She was hitting him and he took it out of her shoulder but he then stabbed it into his shoulder. Bina was getting her axe and swinging and hitting the spike so it came out.

Bina was picking it up and asking to find a place to sell illegal things. She was going to a barn. The spike sold to Agatha, a tiefling who paid 1000GP, whom Bina didn’t know was vil and the woman the party wanted to find.

Bina was awake first, making tea. The group talked over tea, learning a bit about the past of some of the party members. After tea, Bina split the gold she made selling the spike. Then, the party met Akros.

Akros asked the party to Brighton, a town up North, as bodyguards to his troupe of actors, who would played a show up there. The party easily agreed. They rode in the actors’ caravan for several hours. Catherine entertained the group talking about bread and cheese. For. Three. Fucking. Hours.

Six bandits stopped the caravan. They wanted 200GP to let the caravan pass. The group attacked. The bandits clustered, three up front, two behind, one far back. Akros, Catherine, Bina and Oliver countered the front three, Xanthus and Akrrah attacked the two behind. The back one cast magic. A fireball hit the party. Still, Oliver freaked out and hid under the caravan. The bandits got killed and Oliver calmed down. He’d seen a similar spell that slaughtered many other Kobolds. He checked the spellcaster, but they didn’t do it.

They got to Brighton, where it started raining. The guards at the gate rushed in, bolting their doors. The party quickly set up shelter for the actors. While Oliver tried to ask about Veronica, no guards would talk for the imminent storm. The whole party stayed in their tents until it blew over. Except Bina. She was asking the guard for a place she could buy rubber, ceramic, or stone armor. He gave her a map to the town’s blacksmith.

She was getting there and trying to get in, but he would do no business in the storm. She was pushing to get into the shop, but he would do nothing until the storm ended, so she went to an inn for the night.



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