The Long and Winding Road

Day 01: The Hunt in Trixten

(Sessions 01-03)

All of our heroes found themselves in a nondescript town during an annual event where treasure is hidden and people go wild trying to look for it. Xanthus and Catherine Frampt both decide that it would be a good idea to go to a local pub and get information from any adventurers who have been to this event in the past. They meet each other and exchange names.

Yjubina Indulat decides to go straight to the person who seems to be hosting the event to get info about where the treasure is kept. He tells her that it’s on the outskirts of town. Armed with this information, she goes to the pub where Xanthus and Catherine are. She throws her axe into the ground to get the attention of the pub-goers, and tells anyone interested in what she has to say to follow her. Naturally, our characters are interested and make for the gnome, but not before a dwarf gets fussy and spits at Xanthus’ feet before storming out of the pub because he’s a big meanie racist.

Bina goes to the town square, attempts to drive her axe into the cobblestone to get peoples’ attention and tries to auction off her information. Nobody but Catherine and Xanthus is really paying attention to her, so Catherine buys the info for 5 gold. They then go to a chapel with a bell tower, following Bina’s lead.

Oliver Klossner, meanwhile, started his search on the west outskirts, hoping to make a methodical sweep of the town. While there he catches some hints, mainly that the treasure is usually hidden at a high or a low point in the town. Armed with this information, he heads toward the same bell tower Bina has lead Catherine and Xanthus to. While he’s going over, Bina seems to get entranced by the bell at the top. So we all go inside, after Oliver meets up with us.

Xanthus pulls a racist because his backstory says he hates kobolds and shuts the door on Oliver, but he quickly changes his mind because his player didn’t wanna play a rude dude. Before the party can do much of anything, Bina spots a locked door and tries to pry it open with her axe. We try and look for a key to said door, but before we can, Bina chops a hole into it. She asks Xanthus to accompany her up the stairs on the other side. He’s reluctant, but he follows.

Halfway up the steps they hear someone coming down, and Xanthus chickens out, heading back to the main chapel. Bina simply stands stonefaced, her axe out flat to stop the priest descending the stairs. He’s quite surprised because he was apparently miles away and asks her calmly to please leave this restricted stairway. She replies adamantly with, no, she wants to see the bell. After several minutes of back-and-forth as such, he’s forced to simply carry her down and out of the stairwell.

He brings Bina back to the rest of the party and discusses payment for the ruined door. Bina offers to fix it herself, as she was a woodworker in the past, and while this deal was originally struck, it was later denied on the count of Bina trying to sneak away. The party was then stuck with the debt Bina wrought on them and had to promise to give some of their winnings of the day’s event to the church to pay for the door.

The church wasn’t a total bust, though, because the priest had some new information for the party. He said the belfry was a previous hiding place for the treasure, and so there is a clue hidden up there which states that the entrance to the cave the treasure is hidden in is actually outside of town, while the cave system itself is technically within the town line.

The party splits up to skirt the perimeter of the town in search of the entrance to the cave. Bina and Catherine go North and find the entrance, while Oliver goes south and finds nothing. Xanthus goes east and encounters a group of angry dwarves who are keen to stone him. He gets hit by a few stones and immediately flees, heading back to the town square and the safety of the public. When the party meets back up, Bina notices a big ogre terrorizing townsfolk, and the party pursues. Xanthus and his now-summoned snake eidolon (named Akrrah), Catherine and Bina go for the ogre while Oliver tends to the wounded. Catherine does a really neat thing with acid that kinda dissolves the Ogre’s leg a bit, Bina goes for the bleed-out method by aiming for a vein, and Akkrah goes for the kill by nomming the ogre’s head and proceeding to try to swallow it whole, the goofy lil thing.

The Ogre defeated, the party decided to examine the glowy spike in the Ogre (possibly controlling it?) which was obviously evil and handed it over to the guards. Akros helped tend to the wounded and joined the party on their quest. They had the same goal for the moment and agreed that it would be easier to achieve with more of them.

The party then went exploring in the cave, and immediately got jumped by four troglodytes. Akros killed two of them, while Oliver and Catherine took a third, and the fourth was convinced to surrender. He was handed over to the guards, and gave information on a big, many-armed red thing deeper in the cave. Apparently Bina attempted to throw a javelin at it and missed, hitting Oliver. Because Bina. Xanthus attempted to help, but his day was not ideal so he failed to achieve much of anything for the moment.

Having successfully handed over the captive Troglodyte, the party went back into the cave. Farther in, along a narrow corridor, the party noticed some out-of-place stalactites on the ceiling that seemed to be… breathing? Bina went directly underneath one, because Bina, and it dropped, latching onto her face. She tried not-so-desperately to get it off, swinging her axe at it, bashing her head into the wall and bending its weird gross appendages away from her. About five more of the Darkmantles descended from the ceiling, and the party got to work killing them as slowly as possible. Xanthus got some hits in, Akros mostly whiffed, and Catherine got most of the kills. Bina was preoccupied with the one on her face for most of the fight. One of the Darkmantles fled, and Catherine and Bina pursued at first, but gave up because it was just a helpless lil critter that wanted to get away! There was a treasure chest at the end of a side corridor with 15 GP in it, which was pocketed before the party moved on.

The next room in the cave was one riddled with tiny holes all around. It was quite creepy, and while whatever made these holes was most likely not a threat due to their size, Xanthus, Catherine and Oliver didn’t want to risk anything, so they did their best to sneak to the other side. Akros tried as well, but Bina was not concerned in the least. As she crossed the room, a dozen tiny Ankheg babies surfaced from the holes in the floor, more curious than anything, completely passive to the party. Bina immediately gave one the boot and squished it, because Bina, enraging two adult Ankhegs who got chumped because this party does well on tough enemies and whiffs on the fodder. Mostly because they both provoked attacks of opportunity from the whole party whilst burrowing into the ground.

After this encounter was over (and Xanthus has still not summoned because he was being kinda dumb during this excursion) we went deeper into the cave, sneaking behind some Troglodytes. They appeared to have been working on a battle plan, with sand-drawn plans lying out on the floor of one of the rooms, and while we got closer we noticed them tending to a wounded man. Bina rounded the corner and threw a javelin at one of them, because Bina, and they started freakin out. Catherine and Xanthus approached unarmed, attempting to talk peace. Since Bina doesn’t speak draconic, she had no idea what was going on and finished off the Troglodyte she started on, and while Catherine was about ready to knock Bina out herself, a Trog cast a sleep spell on Bina and took care of her for the time being.

Thankfully, the Troglodytes had some sense, seeing that we were unarmed and let us go without a fight, but told us that they needed us to go farther in and attack the many-armed red thing that trashed their home. They briefly mistook Catherine for the one who brought it here, presumably because she was a Tiefling as well.

It turned out to be a Xill, which was badly injured before we even got to it. Xanthus finally wisened up and summoned his eidolon before the fight started. Catherine readied an arrow and shot the Xill as soon as it peeked its head out of a hole in the ceiling. Akros got a wicked critical hit in, and Bina kept napping. Akrrah nibbled the Xill’s face a bit and Catherine finished it off in style, using ray of frost to freeze it and her sword to shatter it to pieces. It had lots of sick loot, including an extremely valuable coin purse and some sort of strange magical gemstone. The actual treasure the event was for was already claimed by someone who simply signed their note “A” and the party left the cave knowing that almost all of their loot was inevitably going to go toward Bina’s debt. Xanthus and Catherine pawned off the sword they picked up off the Xill and used that money, the gold they found and some out of pocket to pay the priest, then retired to an inn, while Oliver went to the town guard to inquire about some people he suspected would be in the area…



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