The Long and Winding Road

Day 53b-54a: Never Forgive, Never Forget
June 6th, 2016

Xanthus suggests that the party doesn’t have enough supplies or spells to attempt a two-pronged approach to the temple and points out that someone already scryed on Catherine’s bag, meaning they probably already know about our presence. He does not, however, suggest the party go in swords drawn ready for combat; This makes Eupraxia more than a little annoyed but she becomes less distressed when Keidraan stumbles through a turn of phrase she recognizes as “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.” Vaunders decides to look further into the nature of the white spike and divines that it’s a completely neutral object, which confuses Eupraxia as to what that means. Before the party derails into another argument about objective morality, Vaunders attempts to have Annabelle scry upon the origin of the spike, which she fails at unfortunately.

Keidraan stays behind as the party does this, watching clouds, and investigates an out-of-place animal growl. He closes in on the animal but stops in his tracks once he hears it growl extremely close by. Once the part returns, Eupraxia and Oliver immediately realize that Keidraan is missing and has walked into the forest. Everyone heads in after him, following closely behind Praxi, but they get bizarrely split up. The party tries their best to reconvene but to no avail and Xanthus’ signal kite is hidden from site by the density of the trees. Eupraxia, however, has no trouble following Keidraan’s tracks which suddenly turn into dire lion tracks! Frustrated with the runaround, Keidraan uses the wand of detect magic to discern the origin of the magic spell confusing everyone: It’s the entire forest!

Catherine has an omniscient force take over her senses upon questioning the origin of the forest. She sees flashes of a tall, multi-monochrome haired human instantly growing the forest in a clearing next to a fairly clean and recent temple; This person suddenly turns into a giant tiger. Time elapses at extreme speeds until slowing down to current day, where she now sees a goblin and undead army surrounding the now-aged temple situated in a dipped valley with Vaunders standing at the edge. Her sight rushes through the temple, too fast to register anything distinct, until it settles on a 40 foot tall set of double doors guarded by dangerous-looking hobgoblins. This door has a magical glow and inside lies the now orange tiger.

Just as she comes down from her epileptic fit, Xanthus sends a telepathic message through the forest and catches both Catherine and Vaunders’ minds. They work through their situations together, suggesting ideas of how to get through more easily: Keidraan suggests burning down the forest which Eupraxia and Vaunders like but Catherine condemns the idea, so Vaunders tries to mark trees in number order but they get mixed up in the forest which completely disheartens her. They eventually find their way into the clearing, and Catherine insists on her vision being real yet again. No one seems to care.

The party observes the double-doors that lead into the temple and the goblins, but soon a large,red-eyed, and hairy skeletal figure floats out and then back in. Being slightly demoralized, the party decides to look for weak points of the temple of which there are no visible ones. They try their hardest to come up some sort of strategy but think of nothing beyond storming the front doors. Just before they’re ready to charge, Vaunders pops out of Xanthus’ bag, which she had been sulking inside of and starts to riffle through her bag looking for something.

Catherine knocks from a distant on the door, which summons a lady with a rune on her forehead from the temple, and she scans the tree line noticing Vaunders standing defiantly in the open. She reaches into the bag and pulls out the white spike, unaffected by it’s powers, and yells at her, asking if she wants it. Catherine is furious but Oliver quiets her, curious of what Vaunders’ plan is. Before Vaunders can take a step forward with her plan, Catherine violently blasts her with a fireball. Oliver commands Catherine to blast the woman, as he then recognizes her as Veronica Dragovic, the slaughterer of his clan. She summons her eidolon: a big humanoid cougar with twin swords named Solomon.

Vaunders picks herself back up and continues to walk towards Veronica, while she herself makes Solomon invisible. Eupraxia uproots a wide thorny vine patch, trying to entangle Veronica which she dodges easily, and Xanthus challenges Veronica to a fight directly. Vaunders jogs over to Veronica, even through the vines, and pretends to give her the white spike. She ignores the offer, politely, and hovers out of the vines slowly, which prompts Keidraan to rush towards her but he ends up getting clipped by an invisible Solomon. Xanthus plays Veronica’s game and makes Akkrah invisible and Oliver tries and fails to grapple her neck with his whip. Veronica taunts the party and legitimately turns Xanthus into a chicken and in retaliation Oliver pukes a swarm of wasps to assist them. Vaunders drops the white spike in the brambles, so Veronica seizes the advantage and grabs it up intending to retreat.

The spike overwhelms her sense of pride and she fights on, summons a black tentacle to attack Oliver. His past experiences flash before his eyes and he summons the courage to cut down the tentacle with ease. Everyone gangs up on her with the help of some inspiration and magical empowerment from Vaunders but Veronica manages to slip away by the skin of her teeth by hopping into a rift in space-time. Catherine refuses her retreat and is enveloped by impossible forces to locate her current position: Inside of the temple in a bedroom sitting next to a slumbering 153.

Day 48b: Grotesque Underestimates
May 13th, 2016

Before heading out to find Eupraxia’s camp, Catherine goes shopping for a crystal ball to try to prove her story. The price turns out to be far too exorbitant for her and she decides to wait on the purchase. Meanwhile, Oliver is hard at work writing something and Keidrann, bored, decides to people watch outside of the inn. Soon he realizes he’s being watched by a group of ruffians and he leads them down an alleyway. At the same time, Oliver ponders on a philosophical question of sorts: How much is a soul worth? No one comes up with a strong answer but they decide, based on how flippant Quentin was about the whole ordeal before being attacked, that they can’t be worth that much.

Suddenly Keidrann is jumped by a scraggly man with a net, though he easily dodges and gracefully hops his way up to the rooftop where the apparent thief sprung the ill-fated trap. After giving chase and cornering one of the group of ruffians, it becomes clear that the ragtag band of fellows are poor, though that does not stop Keidrann from disarming all of them of their dulled knives and, more importantly, their net.

In much less exciting news, Vaunders determines exactly what this hunter is like and could contribute to the group. Thinking back on her myriad experiences, she realizes they’re referring to a Strix which means they’re quite keen, nocturnal, and can fly. She starts to doubt the kind intentions of this strix hunter and warns the group of a possible trap they’re walking into. Oddly enough, Oliver agrees but everyone else, including the recently returned Catherine, seems to think the hunter will be harmless… to them.

They decide on approaching with caution and head off in the vague directions Eupraxia had given them. Most of the group, unsurprisingly, have no idea where to start but Vaunders notices a large set of bird tracks and drag marks that head out into the woods. Figuring this is the best bet they have, they follow them and happen upon a large bear corpse that has been gutted and skinned expertly and shortly afterwards a campsite. Stretched hides and mounted corpses litter the site and a tent made out of animal furs sits in the middle. It’s pitch black in the tent, which doesn’t actually affect anyone but Vaunders and they all pile in and notice a blood soaked strix gnawing on it’s lunch in the corner.

Clearly this is Eupraxia, and introductions quickly turn sour as everyone is repulsed by the smell of the room and her general attitude. Vaunders questions the sincerity of Eupraxia, deciding the best course of action would be to sift through her very mind for her immediate motives and feelings. Through such close proximity she also catches Xanthus and Keidrann’s hesitant trust of Eupraxia, while she learns Eupraxia thinks of Catherine and Keidrann as beast tamers of the group. She also learns that Eupraxia sees Vaunders as a non-entity. Catherine offers payment for Eupraxia’s services but she refuses only wanting assurance the group will be facing formidable foes in the future. After some deliberation, Keidrann shares the eye of the Aboleth and she jaunts around satisfied and clearly recruited.

The group heads back to Albemarle, with Eupraxia strutting her stuff by beating everyone to the gate and then back again without breaking a sweat. They’re about to head to the guild as a group, but Vaunders and Xanthus head to the casino to follow up on the party info. Everyone at the guild is quiet and somber and the group quickly finds out the reason is probably because of Anastasia having gone missing. The group becomes even more intent on finding her once they find out her bounty is set at 250,000 gp. After an apparent spill for a new employee in the back room, they leave off for the inn.

Upon reaching the casino entrance, there’s a new receptionist whom Vaunders asks about seeing an info broker at this hour. She happily complies and acts as one herself, surprisingly. Vaunders first asks about Anastasia, whom they learn the last name of, Moriarty’s whereabouts. The price isn’t too bad but Xanthus tries to talk down the price anyway, attempting to convince them about his amazing ability to talk to swords and more specifically about Mao. Shortly into the lecture, Xanthus’ eyes glaze over and he falls into a trance, hearing a voice coming from the darkness. It calls to him, saying to call Mao’s name on the night of the next full moon. Xanthus then keels over and slams his beak on the desk, dizzying him.

Vaunders pays the remaining fee, the receptionist puts a big silver mirror on the counter, and then it smashes after the question of Anastasia’s whereabouts is answered: She is in an area with an anti-scrying spell in effect. Xanthus steadies himself and finally asks how much they have on his own past in particular. The price is quite extreme, at 35,000 gp, but Vaunders tries to lower the price by giving up her own past but she runs into a snag; It appears she cannot remember much of any names from her past, thus making the information useless to the info broker. Realizing there’s no chance of getting the information, they head back to the inn as well.

Oliver is slowly becoming more suspicious of Albemarle’s populace and notices a figure following them on the rooftops. Clearly this town is becoming progressively more hostile towards the party, and to get his mind off of this he thinks hard about his marks. He concludes Mainio Jokela might be an alias, due to his apparent lack of existence. They all reunite and are about to head off in the direction of Amatsu when suddenly a familiar face drops down from the rooftops.

As it turns out, the person shadowing the group is actually just harmless Ushio. He rambles something too quickly for anyone to catch it, as per usual, so Vaunders scans his mind for his surface thoughts. Not surprisingly, Ushio’s inner thoughts sweep by just as fast if not faster than his words and she gets disoriented very quickly; She does manage to decipher a little bit of his cavalcade of thoughts. Apparently Ushio has gotten a lead on someone important and armed with the knowledge can report back to the “Empire” to start a search on this person. He will also being heading back to a library, has some friends named Bree, Archos, and Mei, muttered something about halflings, got attacked by “Tahaggin”, and can run on water?!

Upon the information overload, Vaunders sits down with a migraine, while Eupraxia explains what she knows about Ushio’s current destination:: Littlefoot. It is apparently a part of Learmonth Archipelago far south west from here, and it’s wildlife includes large, petrifying goats. Ushio explains that he had been petrified before but “got better”, which is highly unlikely. He then rushes off, as he is want to do, leaving the party to their travel plans.

They gather groceries and supplies for the trip ahead while Praxi is chosen as the new driver of the carriage. Vaunders hires a divination sage for locating Anastasia, named Annabelle, and the group heads off… but the gate is destroyed by a now invading goblin horde. The invading army chants incessantly about giving a “white spike” back to their “great king” and proceed to siege the city. Catherine tries in vain to talk sense into the goblins, but one fires an arrow into her side. Oliver rushes off to alert and hopefully enlist the guards to help, while Vaunders hatches a plan. She has Catherine shrink her to the size of a kitten and the fight for Albemarle begins.

Day 47c-48a: Conartistry, Cowardice, and Catherine
May 6th, 2016

Oliver notices a small squirrel skittering about on the rooftops while heading back to the Nihilistic Beggar but brushes it off, while Catherine and Xanthus write a story about a cool bird man that escalates alright and turns out pretty solid. Shortly afterwards, everyone turns in for the night.

Keidrann is visited in the night by a beautiful thief (possibly a Succubus) and has his money, eventually, stolen. He allows her to walk off with his money in exchange for no more trouble, however he immediately regrets this decision. Keidrann wakes up Catherine, banging wildly on her door until she opens it. Catherine questioningly follows after the thief with Keidrann but quickly becomes sidetracked with a trail of blood leading around the inn. Being the altruistic type she is, Catherine suggests they instead turn their attention to this possibly unwarranted display.

They follow all the way to the obvious source, finding an albino bird woman hauling an animal carcass to gods know where. They approach her and she introduces herself as Eupraxia the Maggot. She explains she is transporting the corpse to her ‘clients’ to town. She has clearly has no idea where this supposed thief has gotten to, but she offers her assistance regardless. Unfortunately, no one has any real clue where to start looking for this woman and they quietly give up. Returning the favor, Catherine offers her help to Eupraxia, Praxi “for economy of time”, though at the moment Praxi has no need of help. She does, however, recognize the two from the Albemarle town competition and eagerly offers her services in the future. Slightly dejected, they head back to the Nihilistic Beggar wondering where the money got off to.

Concurrently, Vaunders is sauntering over to a nondescript part of town tossing a large sack of coins cockily in the air. She arrives at an unassuming little house and walks in. She greets a sort of receptionist and quickly realizes she has forgotten the password. She wracks her brain for a long while and stammers out the bets she has ‘Serah Osha’. “Eh, close enough.” The receptionist scoffs and leads Vaunders to a sort of hidden door down into a glorious, gold-plated casino. Droves of folk litter the playing floor, money and chips loped on tables with cards and roulette loudly clattering and idle chat overwhelming her ears. Excitedly, Vaunders buys her way into a table for 500 gp but quickly realizes some of the other players are hustling up a storm. After reading their minds, she deduces two are cheating; One counting cards and one quietly slipping himself a better hand from his stash. She reports the latter man, and while the man is dragged away by the bouncer she approaches the dealer.

She asks about a certain information broker: Vendrick Sloam. Apparently this Vendrick is a smooth operating gnome who is certainly not nocturnal and thus not currently working. Vaunders thinks about getting the dealers name but thinks better of it but makes sure he remembers hers. She climbs the stairs, to the information broker section, and tries to find some answers. Some of her questions include preventative measures against Contract Devils and general info on the player party. The only thing she learns is that Quentin still has possession of their souls, despite them successfully completing his task.

Before she can whittle down the price of the party’s files, the info broker is violently killed by an invisible force while Vaunders is chided for having a big mouth. Apparently telling anyone of the progenitors of the world isn’t allowed by this voice, who identifies himself as the great great… grandson of the creator of the progenitors. He has her give as much information as she has on the subject but seems unsatisfied. Believing she’s out of options and having been called a coward, perhaps unfairly, she becomes angry and resigned to her apparent death. She is ‘allowed’ to live as long as she aids the party in cleansing the progenitors. He gives her a card and says it will give the party a reason to keep her around.

Vaunders trudges back to the inn, remembers the door she unnecessarily chopped down, pays the bar keep in interest, and flops down on a bed to sleep. Several hours later everyone awakes and meet up, exhausted, for breakfast. Perhaps as a result of this, they prank the bartender into thinking they’re drinking something utterly disgusting when in fact it tastes delicious. Vaunders awakes remembering she has to give something important to Catherine and does just that. The card has but a name on it: Marie Somthngorothr. Catherine is skeptical what Vaunders knows about this person, and has her recount what happened in the night. Catherine paces, focusing hard on a single question: What could Marie have to do with the progenitors?

Catherine’s vision sparks and she has flashes of faces, and names to the faces. She sees a flying castle, strong beast being transported there, powerful spirits residing there, five statues falling to the earth, an evil wizard responsible for it all, and four infant animals used as mediums for the statues.The names were Erevel Somthngorothr, Taldun Rellz, and Jarik Albion while the four infant animals were a dragon, a phoenix, a tiger, and an octopus. Catherine tries her absolute best to explain what she envisioned but everyone mistakes her as rambling and borderline crazy.

They ignore her and turn their attention to Keidrann’s apparent visit in the night. Vaunders explains that Keidrann seems to half-believe what he saw but that there’s something untrue about the experience, which she suggests might be related to illusionary magic. Catherine suspects Vaunders of confusing the issue but Vaunders quickly changed the topic to the fact of the group seemingly having been shadowed by someone. How else could the information broker have so much costly information on the party? This intrigues Xanthus and he asks if they could visit the information broker. They also discuss the matter of the hunter Catherine and Keidrann met last night. With the exception of Oliver, who has been quite distant since Vaunders showed up, the group agrees to asking Eupraxia to tag along for a period of time to make up for their loss of 153.

Day 02: Bina's Nighttime Escapades
Sessions 04 and start of 05

Oliver learned that one of the people he hunted, Veronica Dragovic, had fled North. He left the guard post as Bina walked in. She asked about the ogre’s spike and convinced the guard that she could safely take the spike and hide it. She was picking the spike up and stabbing it in her shoulder and attacking the guard. She was hitting him and he took it out of her shoulder but he then stabbed it into his shoulder. Bina was getting her axe and swinging and hitting the spike so it came out.

Bina was picking it up and asking to find a place to sell illegal things. She was going to a barn. The spike sold to Agatha, a tiefling who paid 1000GP, whom Bina didn’t know was vil and the woman the party wanted to find.

Bina was awake first, making tea. The group talked over tea, learning a bit about the past of some of the party members. After tea, Bina split the gold she made selling the spike. Then, the party met Akros.

Akros asked the party to Brighton, a town up North, as bodyguards to his troupe of actors, who would played a show up there. The party easily agreed. They rode in the actors’ caravan for several hours. Catherine entertained the group talking about bread and cheese. For. Three. Fucking. Hours.

Six bandits stopped the caravan. They wanted 200GP to let the caravan pass. The group attacked. The bandits clustered, three up front, two behind, one far back. Akros, Catherine, Bina and Oliver countered the front three, Xanthus and Akrrah attacked the two behind. The back one cast magic. A fireball hit the party. Still, Oliver freaked out and hid under the caravan. The bandits got killed and Oliver calmed down. He’d seen a similar spell that slaughtered many other Kobolds. He checked the spellcaster, but they didn’t do it.

They got to Brighton, where it started raining. The guards at the gate rushed in, bolting their doors. The party quickly set up shelter for the actors. While Oliver tried to ask about Veronica, no guards would talk for the imminent storm. The whole party stayed in their tents until it blew over. Except Bina. She was asking the guard for a place she could buy rubber, ceramic, or stone armor. He gave her a map to the town’s blacksmith.

She was getting there and trying to get in, but he would do no business in the storm. She was pushing to get into the shop, but he would do nothing until the storm ended, so she went to an inn for the night.

Day 01: The Hunt in Trixten
(Sessions 01-03)

All of our heroes found themselves in a nondescript town during an annual event where treasure is hidden and people go wild trying to look for it. Xanthus and Catherine Frampt both decide that it would be a good idea to go to a local pub and get information from any adventurers who have been to this event in the past. They meet each other and exchange names.

Yjubina Indulat decides to go straight to the person who seems to be hosting the event to get info about where the treasure is kept. He tells her that it’s on the outskirts of town. Armed with this information, she goes to the pub where Xanthus and Catherine are. She throws her axe into the ground to get the attention of the pub-goers, and tells anyone interested in what she has to say to follow her. Naturally, our characters are interested and make for the gnome, but not before a dwarf gets fussy and spits at Xanthus’ feet before storming out of the pub because he’s a big meanie racist.

Bina goes to the town square, attempts to drive her axe into the cobblestone to get peoples’ attention and tries to auction off her information. Nobody but Catherine and Xanthus is really paying attention to her, so Catherine buys the info for 5 gold. They then go to a chapel with a bell tower, following Bina’s lead.

Oliver Klossner, meanwhile, started his search on the west outskirts, hoping to make a methodical sweep of the town. While there he catches some hints, mainly that the treasure is usually hidden at a high or a low point in the town. Armed with this information, he heads toward the same bell tower Bina has lead Catherine and Xanthus to. While he’s going over, Bina seems to get entranced by the bell at the top. So we all go inside, after Oliver meets up with us.

Xanthus pulls a racist because his backstory says he hates kobolds and shuts the door on Oliver, but he quickly changes his mind because his player didn’t wanna play a rude dude. Before the party can do much of anything, Bina spots a locked door and tries to pry it open with her axe. We try and look for a key to said door, but before we can, Bina chops a hole into it. She asks Xanthus to accompany her up the stairs on the other side. He’s reluctant, but he follows.

Halfway up the steps they hear someone coming down, and Xanthus chickens out, heading back to the main chapel. Bina simply stands stonefaced, her axe out flat to stop the priest descending the stairs. He’s quite surprised because he was apparently miles away and asks her calmly to please leave this restricted stairway. She replies adamantly with, no, she wants to see the bell. After several minutes of back-and-forth as such, he’s forced to simply carry her down and out of the stairwell.

He brings Bina back to the rest of the party and discusses payment for the ruined door. Bina offers to fix it herself, as she was a woodworker in the past, and while this deal was originally struck, it was later denied on the count of Bina trying to sneak away. The party was then stuck with the debt Bina wrought on them and had to promise to give some of their winnings of the day’s event to the church to pay for the door.

The church wasn’t a total bust, though, because the priest had some new information for the party. He said the belfry was a previous hiding place for the treasure, and so there is a clue hidden up there which states that the entrance to the cave the treasure is hidden in is actually outside of town, while the cave system itself is technically within the town line.

The party splits up to skirt the perimeter of the town in search of the entrance to the cave. Bina and Catherine go North and find the entrance, while Oliver goes south and finds nothing. Xanthus goes east and encounters a group of angry dwarves who are keen to stone him. He gets hit by a few stones and immediately flees, heading back to the town square and the safety of the public. When the party meets back up, Bina notices a big ogre terrorizing townsfolk, and the party pursues. Xanthus and his now-summoned snake eidolon (named Akrrah), Catherine and Bina go for the ogre while Oliver tends to the wounded. Catherine does a really neat thing with acid that kinda dissolves the Ogre’s leg a bit, Bina goes for the bleed-out method by aiming for a vein, and Akkrah goes for the kill by nomming the ogre’s head and proceeding to try to swallow it whole, the goofy lil thing.

The Ogre defeated, the party decided to examine the glowy spike in the Ogre (possibly controlling it?) which was obviously evil and handed it over to the guards. Akros helped tend to the wounded and joined the party on their quest. They had the same goal for the moment and agreed that it would be easier to achieve with more of them.

The party then went exploring in the cave, and immediately got jumped by four troglodytes. Akros killed two of them, while Oliver and Catherine took a third, and the fourth was convinced to surrender. He was handed over to the guards, and gave information on a big, many-armed red thing deeper in the cave. Apparently Bina attempted to throw a javelin at it and missed, hitting Oliver. Because Bina. Xanthus attempted to help, but his day was not ideal so he failed to achieve much of anything for the moment.

Having successfully handed over the captive Troglodyte, the party went back into the cave. Farther in, along a narrow corridor, the party noticed some out-of-place stalactites on the ceiling that seemed to be… breathing? Bina went directly underneath one, because Bina, and it dropped, latching onto her face. She tried not-so-desperately to get it off, swinging her axe at it, bashing her head into the wall and bending its weird gross appendages away from her. About five more of the Darkmantles descended from the ceiling, and the party got to work killing them as slowly as possible. Xanthus got some hits in, Akros mostly whiffed, and Catherine got most of the kills. Bina was preoccupied with the one on her face for most of the fight. One of the Darkmantles fled, and Catherine and Bina pursued at first, but gave up because it was just a helpless lil critter that wanted to get away! There was a treasure chest at the end of a side corridor with 15 GP in it, which was pocketed before the party moved on.

The next room in the cave was one riddled with tiny holes all around. It was quite creepy, and while whatever made these holes was most likely not a threat due to their size, Xanthus, Catherine and Oliver didn’t want to risk anything, so they did their best to sneak to the other side. Akros tried as well, but Bina was not concerned in the least. As she crossed the room, a dozen tiny Ankheg babies surfaced from the holes in the floor, more curious than anything, completely passive to the party. Bina immediately gave one the boot and squished it, because Bina, enraging two adult Ankhegs who got chumped because this party does well on tough enemies and whiffs on the fodder. Mostly because they both provoked attacks of opportunity from the whole party whilst burrowing into the ground.

After this encounter was over (and Xanthus has still not summoned because he was being kinda dumb during this excursion) we went deeper into the cave, sneaking behind some Troglodytes. They appeared to have been working on a battle plan, with sand-drawn plans lying out on the floor of one of the rooms, and while we got closer we noticed them tending to a wounded man. Bina rounded the corner and threw a javelin at one of them, because Bina, and they started freakin out. Catherine and Xanthus approached unarmed, attempting to talk peace. Since Bina doesn’t speak draconic, she had no idea what was going on and finished off the Troglodyte she started on, and while Catherine was about ready to knock Bina out herself, a Trog cast a sleep spell on Bina and took care of her for the time being.

Thankfully, the Troglodytes had some sense, seeing that we were unarmed and let us go without a fight, but told us that they needed us to go farther in and attack the many-armed red thing that trashed their home. They briefly mistook Catherine for the one who brought it here, presumably because she was a Tiefling as well.

It turned out to be a Xill, which was badly injured before we even got to it. Xanthus finally wisened up and summoned his eidolon before the fight started. Catherine readied an arrow and shot the Xill as soon as it peeked its head out of a hole in the ceiling. Akros got a wicked critical hit in, and Bina kept napping. Akrrah nibbled the Xill’s face a bit and Catherine finished it off in style, using ray of frost to freeze it and her sword to shatter it to pieces. It had lots of sick loot, including an extremely valuable coin purse and some sort of strange magical gemstone. The actual treasure the event was for was already claimed by someone who simply signed their note “A” and the party left the cave knowing that almost all of their loot was inevitably going to go toward Bina’s debt. Xanthus and Catherine pawned off the sword they picked up off the Xill and used that money, the gold they found and some out of pocket to pay the priest, then retired to an inn, while Oliver went to the town guard to inquire about some people he suspected would be in the area…


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